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Her years of experience in post production allowed Chrystel to have an extensive technical understanding of workflows which enables her to approach projects with efficiency and considerable technical knowledge.

Chrystel has been working as a junior colorist for two years, her work experience includes TV commercials for local and international brands (Coca Cola, Burberry, Pizza Hut, Asiacell…), shorts and feature films that were nominated and received awards from prestigious film festivals around the world. Chrystel’s portfolio also includes music videos, art films and video essays which allowed her to work closely with many local and international artists. Chrystel’s profound sensitivity and her extensive technical background have allowed her to tackle each project with diversity and expanded dedication.



Rita Mounzer is a film editor based in Beirut, Lebanon. Since obtaining a Masters in Filmmaking from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in 2015, Rita has been working as an assistant editor at Lucid Post, and in 2018 was promoted to junior editor.

During her time at Lucid, Rita has worked as an assistant editor on commercials, documentaries, web-series (‘Undocumented’ directed by Amin Dora) and feature films (‘The Insult’ directed by Ziad Doueiri, ‘Capernaum’ directed by Nadine Labaki, both nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards). 

As an editor, Rita’s credits expand from TV commercials (Beirut Beer, Pizza Hut, Centrepoint…) to music videos (‘Baddi Dii’ by Mike Massy and ‘All Through Eternity’ by LEOPLD) and long-form art films (On Photography Dispossession and Times of Struggle (2017), The Landing (2019) that premiered at the 14th Edition of the Sharjah Biennial in March 2019, both directed by Akram Zaatari). 

Rita continues to expand her editing portfolio and thrives to contribute in telling moving and compelling stories.